Rajan Diagnostic Centre

location:Mysore/Rajan diagnostic center,Test centers,Pregnancy test,Blood checkup test,Amylase/Lipase,Leptospira,Platelet count,Magnesium,Malarial examination,

   No 1853/1, M 17, 2nd Cross, Rathansingh Gallo, Opp Furniture palace, Mandi Mohalla




Pregnancy Test, Blood Check up test, Amalyse /Lipase, Leptospira, Platelet Count, Magnesium, Malarial Examination.

They do all the tests necessary to ensure your good health. They do Pregnancy test, Blood checkup test, Amylase/Lipase, Leptospira, Platelet count, Magnesium, Malarial examination and much more.

Established in:    2008

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Rajan diagnostic center
Test centers
Pregnancy test
Blood checkup test
Platelet count
Malarial examination

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